FP&M World Class Journey

Three Facets of a World-Class Organization


Our attitude with respect to our work and environment, and our attitude toward our built in individual biases. How do we perceive our organization and its relevance to the ISU mission?

To develop attitudes for a world-class culture:

  • Be Knowledgeable
  • Share
  • Network
  • Collaborate
  • Improve Products
  • Be Flexible
  • Be Innovative
  • Change Your Orientation
  • Keep the Proper Balance


The processes within our individual unit function. Seek methodologies to adapt to meet changes, to speed delivery of our services, and to meet future challenges. Conduct internal benchmarking and transfer skill and knowledge to our people.

  • Internal Benchmarking is the process of identifying the "Best Practices" developed within an organization and creating a business case for their implementation.
  • Transferring Skill and Knowledge means the process of identifying, demonstrating, and transferring a successfully demonstrated process or practice to other units.


What tools help us to do our jobs better, faster, and easier - within budget and on time (quality, speed, cost, and delivery)? Seek both low-tech and high-tech solutions. Embrace technology and adopt new skills through training and continuous improvement.