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Black Engineering

Official abbreviation: BLACK

Constructed in 1985

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  • 10:35 AM: Collection / Delivery (Hallway C1050)

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The final phase of a new building for mechanical engineering and engineering science and mechanics was completed in 1986, and in 1987 the Iowa Board of Regents approved naming the building the Henry M. Black Engineering Building, honoring the long-time member of the Iowa State faculty who helped build the university's mechanical engineering program into one of national prominence.

Phase one of the building project was completed and put into use for instructional purposes in the fall of 1985. Laboratories in Black Engineering provide state-of-the-art facilities for materials testing, nondestructive evaluations, vibrations testing, the study of thermal sciences, fluids... in short, facilities that cover the full range of experimental activities that attract the attention of mechanical engineers and engineering scientists. Numerous computer rooms allow students to do research, solve complex problems, or create computer graphics.

One of the unique design features of Black Engineering is that it is a model of energy efficiency, with an advanced heating and cooling system that varies the amount of air circulating in the building for maximum comfort and minimum fuel use.