Corrugated Cardboard Recycling

The corrugated cardboard recycling program provides an additional recycling option for cardboard so it does not consume valuable space within small recycling bins. This service is provided by Waste Management Company.

Generators of cardboard in buildings are solely responsible for placing them in green dumpsters at the loading dock and not custodial staff.

Accepted items

Note: Remove all contaminants (e.g., Packing peanuts, Styrofoam, shrink wrap, and other such contaminants, and break down cardboard prior to placing in collection bins.

Not accepted

Bin Locations

Corrugated cardboard recycling is available at certain building locations on campus. Each location in the program has a designated collection bin (wired) or green dumpster (2 yard or 6 yard), typically on the loading dock at back side of building.

Collection Dates

Pick Up Schedule: Weekly pickups vary per building depending on the recycle volume. High volume buildings have collections multiple times per week. Low volume buildings may not have a collection point at that building and may be directed to move their cardboard to a higher volume building collection point.

To request a one-time pickup: Complete a Cardboard Pickup Request.

To have your building reviewed for Cardboard Recycling: Contact Recycling Services.

Collection Schedule

Building Location Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri On-call
Advanced Teaching and Research Building Loading dock, north side of the building Mon   Wed   Fri  
Agronomy Hall room inside dock (south door)         Fri  
Alumni Center east side           on-call
Applied Science 1 dock Mon          
Armory north side by dumpster Mon          
Atanasoff Hall shared w/Snedecor-bin is between bldgs     Wed      
Beardshear Hall           on-call
Bessey Hall dock Mon          
Biorenewables Research Laboratory outside west door Mon          
Black Engineering enclosure east of dumpster     Wed      
Carver Hall east side of building at the loading dock     Wed      
College of Design bin on dock Mon          
Communications Building outside north of building Mon   Wed      
Coover Hall     Wed      
Curtiss Hall bin on east side by dumpster     Wed      
Durham Center inside building (by dumpster)     Wed      
Enrollment Services Center SW side of building near dumpster and confidential bin     Wed      
Environmental Health and Safety Services Building west side near dumpster Mon          
Extension 4-H Building Loading dock           on-call
Firemanship Training will set outside           on-call
Food Sciences Building inside back door         Fri  
Forker Building Dock, north side of building (wired bin)         Fri  
Frederiksen Court Community Center on loading dock, north side of building Mon   Wed   Fri  
Friley Residence Hall Food Service dock Mon   Wed   Fri  
General Services Building dock Mon   Wed   Fri  
Gerdin Business Building bin on dock     Wed      
Gilman Hall dock         Fri  
Hach Hall loading dock     Wed      
Hamilton Hall on loading dock, north side of building         Fri  
Heady Hall     Wed      
Hilton Coliseum            
Hixson-Lied Student Success Center north dock         Fri  
Hoover Hall     Wed      
Howe Hall dock         Fri  
Hub East side of building Mon   Wed   Fri  
Jack Trice Stadium East and west concourse           on-call
Jacobson Athletic Building            
Kildee Hall 2nd dock (middle) by big dumpster     Wed      
Knapp-Storms Dining Complex dock Mon   Wed   Fri  
Lagomarcino Hall dock Mon          
LeBaron Hall by dumpster in front of MacKay, west end Mon          
Lied Recreation Athletic Facility under west overhang-next to dumpster           on-call
Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center Inside recycling room (north door of south dock)           on-call
MacKay Hall by dumpster in front of MacKay, west end Mon          
Maple-Willow-Larch Commons loading dock south of building Mon   Wed   Fri  
Meats Laboratory dock           on-call
Memorial Union in container on south dock: 7 days a week when classes are in session Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri  
Metals Development Building Mon          
Molecular Biology Building dock Mon          
National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment dock     Wed      
National Swine Research and Information Center loading dock     Wed      
Oak-Elm Residence Hall loading dock Mon   Wed   Fri  
Palmer Building dock Mon          
Parks Library 55 ft yellow container on dock     Wed      
Physics Hall Main loading dock: share bin with Zaffarano & Wilhelm         Fri  
Power Plant west side by overhead door           on-call
Printing and Publications Building inside bin     Wed      
Research Park 1 behind loading dock            
Research Park 2 near double doors, back dock            
Research Park 3 inside dumpster enclosure            
Research Park 4 inside dumpster enclosure            
Research Park 5 inside dumpster enclosure            
Research Park 6 by the fence enclosure            
Research Park 7            
Ross Hall SW dock     Wed      
Roy J. Carver Co-Lab Mon          
Scheman Building enclosure on north side            
Science Hall Mon          
Science Hall II bright green container on loading dock behind dumpster         Fri  
Seed Science Building west side (inside)     Wed      
Snedecor Hall Shared w/Atanasoff-bin is between bldgs.           on-call
Spedding Hall on dock - wire crate         Fri  
State Gymnasium south side of building     Wed      
Stephens Auditorium enclosure on back dock            
Student Innovation Center loading dock, close to Sweeney building Mon   Wed      
Student Services           on-call
Sukup Basketball Complex Mon          
Sukup Hall loading dock Mon          
Sweeney Hall dock behind compressed air racks     Wed      
Town Engineering Building dock behind dumpster Mon          
Union Drive Community Center dock Mon   Wed   Fri  
University Child Care Center at Veterinary Medicine           on-call
Vet Med Power Plant On the loading dock Mon   Wed   Fri  
Veterinary Medicine inside building - across from room 1385C Mon   Wed   Fri  
Wilhelm Hall Main loading dock: share bin with Zaffarano         Fri  
Wilson Residence Hall         Fri  
Zaffarano Physics Addition Main loading dock: share bin with Physics & Wilhelm         Fri  


Monthly Fee per bin Pickups per week
$80 1
$160 2
$240 3
$320 4
$400 5