Confidential Document Destruction

Recycling Services offers a professional, certified confidential document destruction service with The Shredder, a bonded document destruction vendor. The Shredder provides locked collection containers, monthly, bi-monthly, or on-call collection from participating departments.

Accepted items

  • White paper
  • Colored paper
  • Slick paper
  • File folders
  • Non-paper confidential materials (e.g. microfilm/fiche, computer disks, videotapes, X-rays, compact disks, or credit cards) (Contact Recycling Services for destruction of these items. Additional fees apply.)
Note: Remove large metal binding clips, but you do not need to remove paper clips, staples, or spiral bindings (metal or plastic)

Examples of confidential documents

  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Arbitration/grievance files
  • Bids/quotations
  • Contracts
  • Credit card numbers
  • Home address/phone number
  • Invoices
  • Job applications/search committee information
  • Medical information
  • Personnel records
  • Social Security number


The Shredder will provide a 95-gallon locked container on wheels. Each designated contact person will have a key to the container. Label your container with your department name using an easy to remove label or tape to ensure that the correct bin is picked up and billed appropriately.

To request a bin for your department:

  1. Identify a representative to serve as coordinate for the department and serve as a liaison between their department staff and Recycling Services.
  2. Complete the Department Participation Form.

Collection Dates

Collection Dates (FY25)

The bin is picked up by a uniformed employee of The Shredder. The bin is returned to the place they picked it up. The vendor collects and destroy confidential every other Friday. Use the Confidential Document Destruction Request Form when you have full bins needing to be collected. On the designated collection day, the coordinator for each department/building will be responsible to transport the bin(s) to the designated location on the building dock.

To request a pickup: Complete the Confidential Document Destruction Request Form.


Rates for destruction services are determined by collection frequency, and rental is dependent on use. Departments are billed bi-monthly using automated billing system.

Permanent use

  • Bin rental $5.00 / month
  • Destruction service: $15.00 / tip

Temporary / loaner use

  • Bin rental: $32.00 / month
  • Destruction service $15.00 / tip

Lost key charge: $5.00 / key