Refuse Management

While our focus is the continuous promotion of the three R's, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, which is vital in achieving an effective waste minimization/zero waste program, we must also manage refuse generated on campus. As part of our commitment to the establishment of a sustainable campus through promotion of the reduction of waste produced, reusing materials, and recycling items into new products, landfill is the least favored option.

waste options chart

Therefore, before sending items to the landfill, we still look for any available opportunity to divert waste. In the event, items do not fall into the area of focus or recovery, we must then safely dispose of it.

The Campus Services unit within FPM provides refuse service to dumpsters located at academic and residence hall building dock areas as well as the various trash receptacles located throughout campus.

Dumpsters are emptied on a routine schedule - view collection times for your building

  • Trash receptacles are emptied weekly
  • Campus litter is picked up as time permits


Dumpster Size Monthly Dumpster Fee Tipping Fee
2 yd $9.50 $13.77
4 yd $11.50 $15.77
6 yd $13.50 $17.77
8 yd $15.50 $19.77

Additional trash and refuse services on campus: