Noteworthy Deceased

A walk among the graves is like a travel through history. The names of numerous prominent people are encountered on markers. The contributions of these individuals have been recognized in the naming of campus buildings, dormitory floors, and streets.

University Presidents

President Born – Deceased Term of Office
Adonijah S. Welch 1821 – 1889 1868 – 1883
Seaman A. Knapp 1833 – 1911 1883 – 1884
William M. Beardshear 1850 – 1902 1891 – 1902
Raymond A. Pearson 1873 – 1939 1912 – 1926
Charles E. Friley 1887 – 1958 1936 – 1953
James H. Hilton 1899 – 1982 1953 – 1965
W. Robert Parks 1915 – 2003 1965 – 1986

Other Noteworthy Deceased

Name Born – Deceased Noteworthy
Henry Gilman 1893 – 1983 Professor of chemistry, pioneer in organometallic research, author of classic texts in organic chemistry, first ISU faculty member elected to the National Academy of Sciences.
Maurice D. Helser 1890 – 1956 First director of personnel, dean of the junior college, professor of animal husbandry
Kung Fan Chi 1900 – 1929 Student from China majoring in horticulture, killed in an auto accident, reputed to be a direct descendant of Confucius. A bronze plaque on his marker reads: "Above all nations is humanity," the motto of the Cosmopolitan Club, of which he was past president.
Anson Marston 1864 – 1949 First dean of the College of Engineering, member of the Iowa Highway Commission for 23 years.
Louis Pammel 1862 – 1931 Professor of botany, researcher in weeds, grasses and plant pathology, initiated one of the first university programs in bacteriology.
Maria M. Roberts 1867 – 1942 Dean of the junior college, alumna (1890), professor of mathematics, chair of the Student Loan Fund.
Frederica Shattuck 1883 – 1969 Professor and head of the department of public speaking, organized the Iowa State Players and produced plays for 20 years, promoted presentations by professional theatrical troupes visiting campus, helped found the Speech Association of America.
Margaret Sloss 1901 – 1979 First woman to receive a doctorate of veterinary medicine from Iowa State, served as faculty member for over 40 years.
Frank Spedding 1902 – 1984 One of the nation's leading atomic scientists, pioneer researcher with rare earths, organized and directed the chemistry phase of the historic Manhattan Project, founded the Institute for Atomic Research and the Ames Laboratory of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
Edgar W. Stanton 1850 – 1920 Professor of mathematics, alumnus (1872), active in numerous phases of the institution's life for 50 years, donor of the carillon in memory of his wife, Margaret.
Tom. L. Thompson 1849 – 1875 The earliest burial, member of the first graduating class (1872), orphan and brilliant student sponsored by President Adonijah Welch, faculty member at Arkansas State College, died of pneumonia while serving as winter caretaker of partially heated "Old Main."
Mary B. Welch 1841 – 1923 Founder of home economics education both at Iowa State and at land grant colleges nation wide, active in the women's suffrage movement, wife of Adonijah Welch.