Adopt Campus Program Sign-up Form

Type of Group

Indicate your top three locations you wish to adopt, in priority order

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Expectations of any group or individual who wishes to participate in this program

  1. Assigned area should be monitored on a weekly basis, either by the leader or a designated member.
  2. Organize monthly clean-up activities.
  3. Team leader is responsible to submit a team roster accompanied by a signed waiver of liability form from each team member.
  4. Team leader is responsible to provide safety information to team members.
  5. Team leader is responsible for obtaining trash bags and/or gloves as needed from Central Stores.
  6. Team leader is responsible to track clean-up activities (using the online volunteer cleanup report form.)
  7. Trash and other items collected shall be disposed of in the proper location (i.e. dumpsters).
  8. If conditions are unsafe, contact Facilities Planning and Management at 515-294-5100. For example, if there are large quantities of glass or objects that are too heavy to be lifted safely, contact FPM.
  9. One of the goals of this program is to ultimately eliminate the problem of litter on campus. With this in mind, clean up cannot be limited to one day per month or solely to the assigned area. Group members should make an effort to control their own litter, as well as that of their friends, co-workers, etc., thereby creating an overall culture change.

Risk Statement

  • I understand that my participation in this activity is without monetary consideration.
  • I understand that I do not have a formal work appointment and the university shall have the right to release me as a university volunteer without prior notice.
  • I understand that ISU does not provide me with accident or medical insurance and that any accident or medical expenses incurred by me will be the primary responsibility of my medical insurance company.
  • I understand that I am not covered by ISU Worker's Compensation or entitled to employee benefits as a result of my volunteer status.
  • I understand that I must be eighteen years of age or older to participate unless specifically approved as a participating minor and under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian at all times.

Thank you for volunteering your services to Iowa State University!