Request a Memorial

To request a tree or bench memorial or donate to the campus beautification fund:


Landscape Architecture

(515) 294-9885

Memorial Options

Landscape memorial opportunities are available in three options:

  • Trees
  • Benches
  • Donation to the Campus Beautification Fund

Your individual memorial comes with a listing on our inventory website with information about your specific memorial which can be updated at any time. While you may see images of previous memorials with plaques, these are currently not allowed. The website listing provides greater flexibility to showcase your memorial to proud Iowa Staters everywhere and is easily editable, unlike plaques.

Site and Species/Material Selection

To maintain the integrity of the existing campus landscape design, the Campus Landscape Architect has final approval of species, material and site selection for landscape memorials, including benches.

If you have a particular species, the Campus Landscape Architect will work closely with you to select the most appropriate area on campus for that species. If you do not have a particular species, the Campus Landscape Architect will suggest a few general areas of the campus and the species appropriate for that area.

Once the species is finalized and the area of campus is identified, a detailed map is drawn up showing the primary location and one alternate location, as needed. Note: The final location is dependent on utility location checks.

Benches will be selected based on specific standards by location. Our Campus Landscape Architect will discuss available options.

For information about landscape memorials at Catt Hall or Reiman Gardens:

Contact Landscape Design

Phone (515) 294-9885

About Landscape Memorials

The Iowa State University campus is a beautiful place where fond and lasting memories are made. Throughout the years, memorials have been used to recognize many different people; from university presidents, to professors, to students. A landscape memorial is a meaningful way to celebrate a memorable occasion or to honor a loved one. Our landscape architects work with you on your specific needs keeping with the overall campus aesthetic. Your memorial is not only commemorating a loved one, mentor or a memory on campus, but also enriching our beautiful campus to be enjoyed by all for years to come.