Stephens Auditorium

Official abbreviation: STEPHEN
Construction Date: 1969
Stephens Auditorium photo
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Monday7 AM - 6 PM
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Thursday7 AM - 6 PM
Friday7 AM - 6 PM
Latitude: 42.02020
Longitude: -93.63802

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Stephens Auditorium photo
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Construction on the Auditorium began in 1966, and the total cost was $4,500,000, based entirely on gifts and grants from alumni, students, faculty, and other friends of the university.

The immense Japanese-made stage curtain was the gift of J.W. Fisher of Marshalltown, Iowa. It is 80 feet wide by 30 feet high. In 2004, C.Y. Stephens Auditorium was named "Building of the Century," by the American Institute of Architects, Iowa Chapter. The buildings were judged on their original criteria and societal and social impact.