Molecular Biology Building

Official abbreviation: MOL-BIO

Constructed in 1992

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Molecular Biology Building photo
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AMES, IA 50011-1079
Latitude: 42.03122
Longitude: -93.64984

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Opened in 1992, the Molecular Biology Building is a truly unique structure. The one and one-half ton "G-Nome" figures atop each of the four corners of the building provide the first clues that this building is unique. Then, a closer inspection shows DNA helixes trailing down the building from each of the gnomes. The airy atrium provides a sense of openness inside the building, and helps to highlight the DNA molecule, in mosaic tile, that graces the floor of the atrium. In short, public art, a requirement for all newly constructed state buildings since 1978, is built into the actual structure of the Molecular Biology Building. This impressive four story structure give students and faculty state-of-the-art laboratory and classroom facilities in which to generate new knowledge in disease resistance, environmental protection, genetic alterations, and a host of other topics that will ultimately benefit virtually the entire planet.