Pest Control

The presence of pests at one time or another is inevitable, being that campus is nearly a city within a city. In addition, because Iowa State is bordered by the Ioway Creek, such pests can include not just bugs but also wildlife as well.

Campus Services works hard to maintain a healthy and safe level of pest and wildlife control on campus. All pest control services are on an on-call, on-needed basis. Our certified pest control operator employs Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies in all campus buildings. IPM provides a more thorough inspection and monitoring of potential pest control problems instead of relying on conventional chemical methods. Our pest control operator will work with you to resolve each issue in the best manner possible. If we are unable to handle your particular problem, we will contact a university-contracted service for you. It is always important to contact FPM first.

Pests can easily become unwanted guests in a community environment. Help prevent pests with these simple tips:

  • Keep personal workspaces clean and food items tightly sealed in containers.
  • After eating or preparing food, clean up thoroughly.
  • Wash dirty dishes, wipe counters and tables.
  • Dispose of empty pizza boxes in the break room right to the dumpster when possible.
  • Put leftovers away, secured in tightly sealed containers. Do not leave them out for tomorrow.
  • Eliminate "harborage" or shelter for pests. Do not allow piles of loose papers to accumulate, and get rid of empty boxes, paper shopping bags and other types of clutter.
  • Report problems to FPM and request follow up if problems persist.

To report a pest problem, complete our Report A Problem form or call the Service Desk at (515) 294-5100.