Snow Removal

Facilities Management is committed to providing safe access to the campus without causing unnecessary harm to the environment. We strive to reduce the effects of snow and ice as quickly and effectively as our resources and the weather will allow.


Priority for snow and ice removal: In most instances snow and ice removal will occur simultaneously for roadways, parking lots, sidewalks and entrances. In situations when snow and ice occurs with heavy accumulation or is difficult to handle, the following priorities will be followed.

  1. Roadways - roadways serving university facilities
  2. Parking lots - accessible spaces, permit spaces, general spaces
  3. Primary sidewalks - main walkways traversing campus and leading to main building entrances
  4. Primary building entrances - main building entrances and accessible entrances
  5. Secondary sidewalks - walks not in primary route to campus facilities such as leading to side doors, back doors or limited access areas
  6. Secondary building entrances - side entrances, back entrances, limited access exits

Winter Storm Parking Plan

Drivers are asked not to park in their usual parking lots unless they have been cleared. Instead, they should park in one of these designated lots (all valid ISU parking permits will be honored):

  • Southeast corner of Iowa State Center (lots C3, C4, C5, D3, D4, and D5) see on map
  • North of Molecular Biology (lots 29 and 30) see on map
  • North of General Services Building (lot 41) see on map

Those parking at the Iowa State Center can ride the CyRide shuttles to campus. The buses (the free #23 Orange route) run at 5 to 10 minute intervals at no charge.

During poor weather, the campus community is encouraged to use the CyRide bus system, which will add buses to its routes.

To report a spot of concern due to ice/snow, use our Problem Report Form.

For more information on closings and cancellations, home safety, winter driving, and walking visit:

Video: Snow Removal at Iowa State University