Construction Management

As a project enters the construction phase, the construction manager (CM) assigned to the project becomes the primary contact for the client, design professional, consultants, and the successful prime contractor. CM's are team leaders and problem solvers, as roadblocks and difficulties are inevitable in the construction process. The CM is involved in the project on a daily basis to manage and coordinate university operations related to the construction phase.

The CM is responsible for recognizing the issues that require the input from the project manager and keeping them informed of project progress and issues. They are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the project are carried out safely and adhere to the regulations that govern it.

Construction managers serve as the liaison and primary university contact for the project team as well as any university entities involved in the construction process. The CM works to facilitate communications between these parties and resolve questions or discrepancies that may arise. They are also responsible for coordinating the activities on the project with university activities, operations, or events, and minimizing disruptions.

The construction manager coordinates the move-in of the occupants ensuring that the movers are scheduled, phones are transferred, custodial and maintenance services begin, and all other details are secured. When portions of the building must be occupied before the entire building is completed, the construction manager coordinates the move-in with the work of the contractor to ensure minimal disruption of activities of both parties.

The goal of the CM during the construction phase of the project is to be a proactive presence on the project and a partner to all of the other team members involved.