Project Management

Project management for projects above $100,000 acts as the liaison between the university community clients and service providers. The project manager (PM) facilitates and manages the process from initialization through occupancy. The PM works with the client to establish the project scope of work, budget, and schedule. The scope of work is developed to meet the client's requirements while incorporating university standards, meeting code and accessibility requirements, determining the feasibility within the constraints of the existing building and/or site, and incorporating sustainable practices. Project management assists with developing documentation for the required university and Board of Regents approvals for the initiation of the project, the design, and for the project budget. Any revisions to the scope or budget are managed by the PM through the approval process.

Project management participates in the selection of design professionals, oversees the design professional and their team, manages the design process to the bid phase, and acts as a technical resource. During the design process, the PM is responsible for budget control, documenting project funding, and insuring accurate design documents. The PM facilitates the completion of any needed regulatory paperwork and approvals.

During the construction phase the project manager and the construction manager work as a team, to construct a quality project, to manage the project's budget, and to keep the client informed and involved. Project management assists with movable equipment and furniture installation, and occupant move-in.

The project manager maintains a high level of professional service to the client to insure the fulfilment of the project's requirements. The project manager's goal is to establish and maintain a strong working relationship with the client throughout the project as well as into the future.