Project Process

Unless the project has a special review condition as outlined for university construction approvals, construction projects up to $100,000 in cost are initiated by a service request. As most projects will be accomplished by contract, Facilities Design and Construction will work with the university unit throughout the process.


Project Status: ESTIMATING

When estimates are required, your specific needs will be assigned to a design team leader who will prepare a full cost analysis. Estimates will include the materials, labor, and equipment needed to complete the project. A client review will be conducted for approval and to ensure proper funding at this stage


Project Status: DESIGN

We are also a full service design team providing architectural, interior design and landscape architecture services for Iowa State departmental projects. Whether your project involves furniture systems, flooring, paint, acoustics or graphics, we have you covered. The design team assigned to you will work on your specific needs and schedule a final client review.


Project Status: QUOTING

Facilities Design and Construction handles all quoting needs that may arise for a project. A request for quote in construction is an invitation to contractors for the bidding process of various activities. These activities could be construction work, delivery of materials or services as they relate to the project. A Construction Manager evaluates the best procurement method and collects bids, quotes, or estimates and awards contracts with contractors. The final bid will have a client review for approval.


Project Status: SCHEDULED

Construction is then coordinated between contractors and the design team. Construction managers track project construction progress, monitor the budget, and approve final invoicing and payments.


Project Status: COMPLETE

Support extends throughout the project to punch list visits, which is a document prepared near the end of a construction project listing work not conforming to contract specifications that the general contractor must complete, and inspections.

Client Review

Project Status: CLIENT REVIEW

While communication is important in any industry, the critical role it plays in construction cannot be understated. Poor communication on a project can equate to lost dollars, time, and possible delays in reaching any necessary completion dates. We want to build a foundation of trust with our campus clients and that is why at several stages in our process, there will be a time for client review. Reviews may be to ensure approval and proper funding, designs are as discussed and meet your needs, and to go over the final bid.