Project Under $100,000 Request

Project request

To request services for a project, first initiate the process by filling out a Service Request online. Colleges, departments, and units have designees who are authorized to submit these Service Requests. Most often, this person will be in an administrative or leadership role. See the requester for your department.

Furniture request

The process for selecting and then ordering furniture is very similar to that for projects. First, request service by filling out a Service Request online. Furniture requests are routed and assigned to an Interior Designer. The designer will meet with you to discuss your needs, take space measurements, determine budget, and any potential schedule issues.

Project Deadlines

If you want your project to be accomplished during our summer schedule, contact us by early February.

Many customers request that construction occurs during the summer as student traffic is lower and, in some instances, it provides less interruption to general university business. Construction projects of any size require advance planning.