Campus Planning

One of the most notable features of Iowa State University's campus is its natural beauty. While the large, open central lawn makes a striking first impression, landscaped walking paths frame views that provide campus with a unique sense of place. Campus Planning promotes this spirit of the long-range vision for campus in both short and long term planning efforts including campus master planning, land use management, multi-modal transportation planning, and capital project site development, among others.

In cooperation with university departments and community partners, planning staff collect, analyze, and manage planning metrics and data records in support of thoughtful campus development and stewardship. By foregrounding the implications of proposed development on land use, campus capacities, and transportation and utility infrastructure systems, planning staff provide decision makers the information they need to ensure the enduring beauty of campus for generations to come.

At the onset of any development project, it is important to consider the relationships between a client’s needs, the land or space available, and the long-term development plans of the university. Campus Planning assists with this process by considering possible alternatives and providing comprehensive site analyses. These findings, in conjunction with investigations undertaken by Space Planning staff, help our university clientele better understand and solve their space challenges.

As the largest landholder in the region, Iowa State has a noticeable impact on the community. Campus Planning actively works with a number of local and regional agencies including the City of Ames, CyRide, the Department of Transportation, the Ames Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the Ames Community School District to help ensure that campus developments are beneficial and compatible with adjacent properties.