Space Management

Space Management is responsible for the information related to Iowa State University’s building and room inventory database. The space data informs financial and budget models, facilities service levels, and access control.

Building and Room Inventory

Space Management maintains the accuracy and integrity of the data by administering a biennial university space inventory survey and coordinating with Facilities Planning and Management staff on projects, moves, and the repurposing and reallocation of space. Space data is used to allocate facilities services and utilities costs, assign keys and card access, determine custodial service levels, and facilitate preventative maintenance. It also provides general information to the university community about type, use, and quantity of space occupied by departments and units.

To look up room type, square footage, and occupying department for a space:

  1. Go the Building Information page and select the building of interest.
  2. Under "Space in this building", select "All rooms in this building".

Refer to the ISU Guide to Space Use Codes Guide for definitions of room types.

To make changes to a room type or department assignment: Contact Kelly Nelson, Space Information Coordinator.

Biennial Space Inventory Survey

Every two years, a space survey is distributed to each department’s space coordinator for completion. Data is collected regarding departmental or agency assignment, room type, function, and proration, if applicable. This information is used to update the building and room inventory database. Every four years, the survey collects additional information for the Controller’s office regarding sponsored research, which informs indirect cost recovery rates.