Course Scheduling

  • All of the courses for Iowa State University are scheduled using scheduling software called 25Live.
  • We take into consideration all departmental preferences, not just one department or college, when we schedule all courses into general university classrooms.
  • Each semester is a fresh start; general university classrooms and department requests are not carried forward from year to year. Department room assignments are carried forward from year to year.
  • A request for a specific room does not guarantee that room for that course.

General Guidelines

Generally, the university uses its classrooms very well. Adhering to the following tenets could enhance scheduling opportunities:

  • Always be aware of the university's academic calendar.
  • Schedule classes more evenly throughout the day and week.
  • Classrooms are heavily scheduled in the "prime time", which is between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. If classes were spread to the other hours of the day there would be fewer conflicts. This is especially true for large lecture sections because lecture halls are in short supply.
  • Use standard time and day combinations.
  • Use of time/day combinations that deviate from the standard class schedules cause wasteful gaps in the use of classrooms. Classes which adhere to standard times are assigned classrooms first. Classes that deviate from the standard times are assigned classrooms last using those classrooms that are still available. The use of a non-standard day/time may result in no room being scheduled.
  • Set realistic class limits.
  • The initial course offering class limits are used to assign classrooms. When classes don't reach the stated limits, they are moved to accommodate classes that still need to be placed. These double moves are time-consuming and slow the process when we have limited time to respond.

Departmental Rooms

Courses taught in departmental rooms need to be submitted to Room Scheduling or the (Kuali) Course Offering Change Form (COCF) so this information may be entered. Unlike general university classroom assignments, these room assignments are carried forward from year to year and are removed only when Room Scheduling receives a COCF request of the room change or removal. Entering this room information assures accurate room information is being released to the students and assists with the scheduling of courses for the university.

Room Scheduling also works with departments by consulting on course changes for semesters and enforcing standard time and day combinations. If a non-standard time is used, a departmental room location must be provided.

Before you make any changes to a course, contact Room Scheduling first. Once permission is given, a Kuali form must be submitted and approved by Room Scheduling and the Office of the Registrar.

Student Accommodations

When scheduling courses for students who need accommodations, Room Scheduling works closely with the Student Accessibility Services Office. There are times when courses need to be moved to accommodate the needs of these students. If the room change affects a general university classroom or auditorium, the affected department is always notified of the changes.

If courses are scheduled in a departmental room, Room Scheduling will inform the Student Accessibility Services Office, who then notifies the department of the accommodation they will need to provide to the student.