Questions and Answers

Classroom Issues

My classroom is too hot or too cold.

If the classroom environment is extremely uncomfortable, please report this problem to the FPM Service Desk or call 515-294-5100.

How can I get more chalk, white board markers and erasers for my classroom?

If these items are missing from your classroom, please contact Custodial Services.

How can I get a bigger room for my class?

Tell your departmental support person who will then contact Room Scheduling.

Where is my night exam / final exam?

Contact the Departmental Office - especially for multiple sections; they have that information.

When is my night exam / final exam?

The Registrar's Office website has information about Final Exams as well as night exams. This is an important link for faculty as well as students.

I signed in too many students for my class and now we don't fit in the room.

Tell your departmental support person who will then contact Room Scheduling. Classes over the room capacity are in violation of fire code and need to be moved immediately if space is available.

Chairs are missing or furniture is broken in my classroom.

Contact Room Scheduling.

If I want to offer my class at a different day and time next semester or next year, how do I do this?

Your departmental support person should submit a "Course Offering Change" form (COCF) or make a request to Room Scheduling who will review the request and notify the department if it has been approved.

Media Technology

The video projector, monitors or other technologies aren't working or are missing from the room.

Immediate Classroom Support, Call Solution at 515-294-4000 and select Option 7.

Non-emergency classroom technology incidents should be reported using one of the following methods:

Where is wireless networking available on campus?

Check the Information Technology Services website.

Are there computers in the classrooms or auditoriums?

No; however, many classrooms have media equipment installed which allow for computer video projection. In all cases, users need to bring a laptop into the room. For a list of classroom with media technology capabilities you may contact Information Technology Services at 515-294-4000 or at the Information Technology Services website. ITS has laptops available for student checkout only.

Student Organizations

How does our Student Organization get permission to have a bake sale?

Contact the Student Activities Center.

Can our Student Organization have a room for a fundraiser?

Contact the Student Activities Center.

General Maintenance

The carpet is dirty in my classroom. Whom do I call?

Contact Custodial Services.

The lights are not working or are burned out in my classroom. How do I get them repaired?

Submit a Famis360 work order.


I need to discuss options related to an accessibility issue.

Contact Student Accessibility Services.

I want to use a departmental room. Whom do I call?

Call the department that controls the space you are inquiring about. If you are unsure of the department to contact, a list of building occupants is available at the Room Owner Lookup. Specific names and numbers are not given but this is a start.

Can vendors use university classrooms?

Vendors are allowed on campus only if a department is willing to sponsor them and take on the responsibility that comes with the event. The department, not the vendor, must contact Room Scheduling.

Where can I get tables and chairs for panel discussions or use in the hallway?

Contact Celebrations to rent tables and chairs.

How do I request that a classroom be renovated?

Submit a Famis360 work order. The request will be reviewed by Room Scheduling.

If our department wants to schedule a conference, where do we start?

Contact Conference Planning and Management.