Regularly scheduled classes and exams have priority over special event scheduling.

Building Locking

The Building Supervisor determines building unlocking and locking schedules for each semester. Any changes to the master schedule need to be submitted to Room Scheduling for entry.

If the building hours and systems need to be extended for one day or less, these requests need to be sent to Building Security Services using the After-Hours Building Access Request Form.

If an event has been approved and scheduled by Room Scheduling, the building and general university classroom will be open. Rooms that are scheduled and controlled by a department will be locked and arrangements need to be made with the department regarding a key. DPS does not open interior doors.

If there is an event scheduled in a building and it is found locked, please call 515-294-5100.

Classroom Media Technology Use

Most general university classrooms/auditorium have media technology available for special events. Media equipment users may not disconnect or alter any media equipment wiring. The group will be held responsible for the expenses for maintenance, repair, or rewiring equipment resulting from such activity.

For more information regarding equipment and any applicable charges, contact Information Technology Services at 515-294-4000 or

Events Requiring Room Fees

Rental Rates

Rental rates for campus facilities cover costs for room maintenance. Rates apply to the following:

  • Events where admission will be charged
  • Non-registered Iowa State student organizations

Payment: Rental rates must be paid by intramural form to complete the room reservation. Non-registered groups need to provide work tags.

Special Events Rental Rates

Groups Room Type Fees start at
Registered organizations All No rental fee *
Non-registered organizations and groups charging admission General auditoriums $330
Full day $415 **
Classrooms $110
Full day $150 **

* For university registered organizations only. Events with an admission fee are charged rent.

** Events more than 4 hours

If a registered organization is conducting a meeting, educational seminar or a performing arts event where no admission will be charged, the event will be placed in an open room that meets their specific event needs. If the rooms that are usually open are unavailable, the group will be placed in an alternate room based upon the event and room needs.

If a registered organization is conducting a meeting, educational seminar or a performing arts event where admission will be charged, a room rental fee would be applied, even if the room is usually open for evening scheduling. An intramural needs to be signed by the Auditor and then by Room Scheduling to complete the room reservation.

Groups will be held responsible for the actions of their guests. If there are damages to the facilities, the group will be held responsible for the expenses for repair or cleanup. When using a facility, the group is also responsible for the hallways, entrance and exit areas, bathrooms, windows and doors of that building.

It is the policy of Iowa State University to permit solicitation in university buildings and on university property only by registered university organizations.

Food and Beverage Service in General University Classrooms and Auditoriums

  • For course-related requests a notice of 48 hours needs to be given to Room Scheduling.
  • Groups wanting to serve food and non-alcoholic beverages during their event will need to indicate that on the online room request form.
  • Users will be responsible for their own clean-up, which includes the removal of trash and pizza boxes from the classroom or auditorium. Tables and surfaces must be wiped clean with soapy water or a disinfectant spray/wipes (supplies provided by the users). A fee will be assessed to the users if the room is not returned to its pre-function status or for any potential damages that may occur.

Student Organizations

  • Student organizations must submit new room requests at the beginning of each semester. Room reservations are not carried forward from one semester to the next.
  • Student organizations who want to hold an event must complete a room request form. Please see the Events Requiring Room Fees section for event rules and regulations. For further information regarding student organizations visit the Student Activities Center website.
  • All student organizations must first be registered through the Student Activities Center.