Bid Results

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Bid Date Type Project Name
7/9/2024 Capital Frederiksen Court Community Center-RTU-Replacement
6/25/2024 Capital Utilities-Power Plant-Service Water Pump-Replacement
6/19/2024 Project Parks Library-Tiers-Lighting Replacement-Grounding Improvements Awarded
6/18/2024 Capital Institutional Roads 2024-University Boulevard and 6th Street-Signal Replacement Awarded
6/11/2024 Capital Sweeney Hall-Rooms 2038 and 2058-Remodel Awarded
5/30/2024 Capital ISU Child Care Center at Veterinary Medicine-Remodel Awarded
5/29/2024 Project College of Design-Rooms 503, 507, 511, 516, and 516A-Remodel Awarded
5/24/2024 Project Parks Library-Room 0198-Improvements Awarded
5/23/2024 Capital Patterson Hall-Rooms 2119 and 2119A-Remodel Awarded
5/14/2024 Capital Parking Lot 92-Construction Awarded
5/7/2024 Capital Bruce McKee Indoor Tennis Complex-Remodel Awarded
5/1/2024 Project Beardshear Hall-Room 2350-Remodel Awarded
4/25/2024 Capital Sloss House-Common Area Improvements Awarded
4/25/2024 Capital Veterinary Medicine-Domestic Water Line Replacement-Phase 7 Awarded
4/24/2024 Project Armory-Power and Lighting-Improvements Awarded
4/18/2024 Capital Carver Hall-Room 0060-Remodel Awarded
4/12/2024 Project Parks Library-Room 0381-Remodel Awarded
4/11/2024 Capital MacKay Hall-Roof Replacement-Sections A-E and G-I Awarded
4/10/2024 Project Agronomy Hall-Room 1026-Remodel Awarded
4/9/2024 Capital Meats Laboratory-Cooler-Repairs Awarded
4/4/2024 Capital Family Resource Center-Remodel-Life Cycle Improvements Awarded
4/4/2024 Capital Utilities-Richardson Court-Water Main-Improvements Awarded
4/2/2024 Capital College of Design-Faculty Offices-Remodel Awarded
4/2/2024 Capital Frederiksen Court-Building 72-Fire Alarm System Upgrade Awarded
3/28/2024 Capital Hixson-Lied Student Success Center-Rooms 2242 and 2280-Remodel Awarded
3/21/2024 Capital Scheman Building-Renovation Awarded
3/21/2024 Capital Sweeney Hall-Room 1058-Remodel Awarded
3/14/2024 Capital Agronomy Hall-Room B0515-Dehumidification Unit-Replacement Awarded
3/7/2024 Capital Beardshear Hall-Window Repairs-Phase 1 Awarded
3/6/2024 Project Birch, Welch, and Roberts Residence Hall-Exterior Grading, Waterproofing, and Sidewalk Repair Awarded
3/6/2024 Project Helser Residence Hall-Exterior Grading, Waterproofing, and Sidewalk Repair Awarded
3/5/2024 Capital Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory-Phase 2 Awarded
3/1/2024 Capital LeBaron Hall-Replacement Awarded
3/1/2024 Project Black Engineering Building-Room 2013-Remodel Awarded
2/22/2024 Capital Jack Trice Stadium-Press Box Elevator-Improvements Awarded
2/8/2024 Capital Farm House-Roof Replacement Awarded
2/6/2024 Capital Friley Residence Hall-Courtyard Roof-Improvements Awarded
2/5/2024 Project Agronomy Hall-Room 3140-Remodel Awarded
2/2/2024 Project Patterson Hall-Rooms 1034 and 1034A-Remodel Awarded
1/31/2024 Project Jacobson Building-Rooms 2117 & 2119-Remodel Awarded
1/25/2024 Capital Oak-Elm Residence Hall-First Floor Elm-Remodel Awarded
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