Upcoming Bid Projects

Projects Above $100,000

Tentative Bid Dates

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Project Tentative bid date * Project Manager Construction Manager
Science Hall 2-First Floor Restrooms-Remodel 8/6/2020
Ross Hall-First Floor Restrooms-Remodel 8/13/2020
Memorial Union-Dining Services-Poco Picante-Remodel 8/18/2020
Utilities-Power Plant-Control Room 8/27/2020
Gilman Hall-Office and Lab Space-Remodel 9/3/2020
Beyer Hall-Elevator 1181 Modernization 9/10/2020
Bessey Hall-Rooms 0001 and 0305-Remodel 10/8/2020
Memorial Union-Floors 4-6-Renovation 11/5/2020

Anticipated Bid Dates

Project Anticipated bid date * Project Manager
Parks Library-Sprinkler System Modifications 08/2020
Veterinary Medicine-Roof Replacement-Section E 08/2020
Enrollment Services Center-Roof Replacement 10/2020
Institutional Roads 2021-University Boulevard and Haber Road-Signal Replacement 10/2020
Parking Lots 2020-Pavement Preservation-Lot 74 10/2020
Parking Lots 2020-Pavement Preservation-Richardson Court 10/2020
Veterinary Medicine-Roof Replacement-Sections 3 and 4 10/2020
Farm House Lane-Reconstruction 11/2020
Union Drive Community Center-Union Drive Marketplace-Renovation-Seating Areas 11/2020
Parks Library-South Window System-Repairs 12/2020
Gilman Hall-Accessible Restroom Improvements 02/2021
Memorial Union-Great Hall and South Ballroom-Renovation 02/2021
Utilities-Power Plant-Boiler Makeup System Improvements 02/2021
Kildee Hall-AHU2 and AHU3-Repairs 03/2021
Carver Hall-Roof Replacement-Section B 04/2021
Hilton Coliseum-North and South Concourse Expansion 04/2021
Iowa School for the Deaf-Long Hall High School-Upgrades 04/2021
Union Drive Community Center-Room 240-Dishwasher Replacement 04/2021
Zaffarano Physics Addition-Helium Compressor 04/2021
General Services Building-Sprinkler System Installation 08/2021
Veterinary Medicine-Domestic Water Line Replacement-Phase 5 09/2021
Agronomy Hall-Masonry Repairs-Phase 1 02/2022
Curtiss Hall-Exterior Masonry Repair 09/2022
Beardshear Hall-Chilled Water Line Replacement-Phase 2 11/2022

Projects Under $100,000

Tentative Bid Dates

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* Dates are subject to change