Upcoming Bid Projects

Projects Above $100,000

Tentative Bid Dates

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Project Tentative bid date * Project Manager Construction Manager
CYTown-Parking and Infrastructure Improvements 1/19/2023
Friley Residence Hall-Bathroom Improvements-Stack E 2/7/2023
Union Drive Community Center-Union Drive Marketplace-Renovation-Venues 2/7/2023
Friley Residence Hall-Bathroom Improvements-Locations 7 & 8 2/14/2023
Frederiksen Court-Building 31-Fire Alarm System Upgrade 2/16/2023
Memorial Union-Fountain of the Four Seasons-Renovation 2/23/2023
General Services Building-Sprinkler System Installation 9/28/2023

Anticipated Bid Dates

Project Anticipated bid date * Project Manager
Carver Hall-Roof Replacement-Section B 1/2023
Jacobson Athletic Building-Elevator-Improvements 1/2023
Scheman Building-Freight Elevators-Improvements 1/2023
Veterinary Medicine-Room 1351-Remodel 1/2023
Jack Trice Stadium-Press Box Elevator-Improvements 5/2023
Kildee Hall-AHU2 and UVU4-Replacement 6/2023
Memorial Union-Second Floor-Remodel 6/2023
Memorial Union-Third Floor-Remodel 6/2023
Veterinary Medicine-Domestic Water Line Replacement-Phase 5 7/2023
Gilman Hall-Renovation 10/2023
Beardshear Hall-Chilled Water Line Replacement-Phase 2 11/2023
Helser Residence Hall-Bathroom Improvements 10/2024

Projects Under $100,000

Tentative Bid Dates

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* Dates are subject to change